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Transformation By Design

Hope starts with knowing you can go home sooner.

Living Room

Private and Semi-Private Patient Rooms to provide more privacy and dignity for the people in our care.

Living Room
Living Room
to provide recreational space for patients and families.

Activity Room
An Activity Room allowing patients to practice home and community living activities, such as shopping for groceries, or ironing clothes.


A Home Safety and Practice Room to allow patients to safely perform and practice daily functional activities in a simulated, home-like setting that includes a bathroom and full functioning kitchen.


A Rehabilitation Gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, to help regain strength and mobility.


Palliative Care

Hope starts with the opportunity to celebrate life.


A Dedicated Entrance away from the general Hospital population, allowing for privacy and dignity.


A Lobby Concierge open 24 hours to provide around-the-support for patients and families.


A peaceful, tranquil outdoor Garden Space on the first floor where most support services for families are also located.


Home-like and comfortable patient rooms that allow patients to feel at ease in their surroundings.


Common Rooms for group and individual socialization, family and pet visiting, entertainment and activities.


A Quiet Space to support multicultural and multi-faith spiritual needs.


A Business Centre to enable families to stay connected to work and patients to communicate with distant family and friends.


A Children's Play Area to allow kids to be kids during the end-of-life journey.


Knowledge Centre

Hope starts with the knowledge and imagination of our people.


A “one-stop” essential Resource Centre for leading-edge training, and research will provide access to proper tools and technology, away from the busy hospital units, in an environment conducive to e-learning.


Simulation Labs will offer training on the use of IV, CPR, and other essential procedures and industry best practices.


State-of-the-art technology including supportive visual technology and projectors will allow for creative and interactive learning that engages students and enhances their learning experience.


Consultation areas (hubs) will create space for our staff to meet with Coaches and Mentors for private, developmental conversations.


A versatile space for group collaboration, the Large Classroom will be comprised of one large room that can be linked and subdivided, as needed, with a removable wall and modular furniture.