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Palliative Care Redefined

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    Shireen's Story of Her Beloved Grandfather and how Providence Healthcare is Redefining Palliative Care.

"I got to fulfill a very special wish to my grandfather at Providence Healthcare. The Palliative Care Team made it possible for me to perform a special dance for him in the Solarium. It was the first time I officially performed live. It was a Bollywood dance and I invited other patients and families to “my mini show” to watch. It was my way of giving back to others and lifting their spirits. But I got back so much more that day.

When you hear "Providence supports families", it’s hard to understand what that really means. Having spent time at Providence during those final days of my grandfather’s life, the nurses became our friends, and the social worker became one of my biggest supporters and a shoulder to cry on when I needed it most. My entire family is forever thankful to Providence. We will always have a connection to this special place because of the relationships that we made and the wonderful and compassionate care that was given."

~ Shireen Ali

Hope starts with the opportunity to celebrate life.

The research is clear: palliative care should be about more than simply end-of-life care. It should be a time for affirmation, for reflection, for celebration of life. We believe that a person’s final days should be lived out in an environment that lets the patient and family focus not on sadness and sorrow, but on a life well lived.

Providence Healthcare is dedicated to providing compassionate care, but must currently do so in a traditional, institutional hospital setting.

To address these limitations, our plan is to transform the physical space for palliative care, creating a new environment that will allow our professional teams to provide the best possible care in a soothing, home-like environment.

The plan includes the remodel of two vacant floors within an existing Hospital wing. This new design will place emphasis on providing support services for patients but with a significant emphasis on loved ones and caregivers.

A Comfortable and Supportive Environment

Providence Healthcare’s transformed Palliative Care spaces will enhance the services that we can provide to all patients who require intense symptom and pain management and have an end-of-life prognosis of 2-3 months.

Main EntranceMain Entrance

Living RoomLiving Room

Outdoor SpaceGarden Space

The new spaces will include features designed to foster an environment that is comfortable and uplifting – one that allows patients and their families to fully enjoy and cherish their remaining time together.

The new, contemporary model for palliative care at Providence will also enable patients to return home should they wish and are able to do so during their final days. They do so with ongoing support from our team. The process assures patients can be seamlessly and promptly re-admitted if being at home becomes too difficult.

The hope for a positive end-of-life journey is an essential aspect of living our Values at Providence. We are committed to upholding our solemn responsibility to provide the best possible care until a patient’s final moment arrives.