Providence Healthcare Foundation
Providence Healthcare Foundation


As a WIPP or Y-WIPP donor, you have the opportunity to share your ideas about today’s healthcare services, access information about our healthcare system, and discuss relevant life style issues… all with like-minded, passionate, empowered women.

As a donor of these special giving circles, you will make change at Providence Healthcare while networking, learning, and meeting an incredible group of women.

WIPP Offers

A passport to an inclusive giving circle and a host of benefits:

  • enjoy great mentorship and networking opportunities with the women shaping Canada’s future
  • access to a network of women who are highly motivated to make a difference
  • a voice in allocating the money you've donated to innovative healthcare projects
  • a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation
  • 4 complimentary events per year
    • Annual Voting Meeting – The frontline of Providence’s Healthcare Team pitch their ideas for innovative projects. You vote to fund the best of the projects!
    • Inspiration Evening – A dynamic female keynote speaker will inspire our WIPP donors
    • Education Event – Join in a discussion on relevant and practical health and lifestyle topics affecting woman
    • Holiday Experience – Celebrate the festive season and toast another year of excellent healthcare

Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP)

WIPP MEMBERSHIP: $83.33/month

We’ve all been there: a knock on the door, twenty dollars to a canvasser because it was easier than saying no. Forty here, fifty there: Where is it all really going? You hope it’s being put to good use. There’s a better way. You can have a voice in how your donation is spent by making a single, larger, targeted, high-impact donation instead of many smaller ones.

Our Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) group is not just a program – it’s a network, a circle, a forum and an example of what can happen when a group of dynamic women work together to spark change.

Young Women in Philanthropy for Providence (Y-WIPP)

Y-WIPP MEMBERSHIP: $41.67/month

Our Women in Philanthropy for Providence (WIPP) giving circle launched Y-WIPP in 2011 to celebrate the younger women (under the age of 35) who wish to get involved with Providence Healthcare and make a difference in lasting and meaningful ways.

Your donation of $500 each year (or $41.67 per month) to Providence Healthcare Foundation gives you all the benefits of WIPP at an investment level that takes into consideration your stage of life.