Who We Are


Time to Shine

Follow this link to read about Providence Healthcare’s current strategic plan – ‘Time to Shine.

Who We Are

At Providence Healthcare, we provide leadership within the healthcare system by helping people access and receive the care they need in the most effective way possible. Our goal is to help people return home whenever possible with maximum potential and independence.

Through Providence Hospital, we help adults of all ages rehabilitate after strokes, orthopaedic surgery, lower limb amputations or other complex medical conditions. More than 5,000 people benefit from our innovative approach to rehabilitation treatment, resources and support each year. We also help people living with end stage symptoms of a terminal illness by providing state-of-the-art care in a supportive environment.

As an active community partner, we offer clinics to promote healthy living, recovery and well-being to people in the Greater Toronto Area. Our community programs include our Adult Day Program for people with mild to severe dementia, caregiver support and the education resources of our Scotiabank Learning Centre.

Our long-term care home, the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence, is home for each of our 288 residents. With a focus on quality of life, the Houses ensure that we continue to provide the highest standards of comfort, care and safety for our residents.

With a Catholic legacy that dates back to 1857 when the Sisters of St. Joseph founded the original House of Providence in downtown Toronto as a refuge for the sick, poor, elderly and homeless, we work hard to ensure this tradition lives on at Providence and reflects the key attributes that have become our promise:

Helping people. Healing lives.