Providence Healthcare
Providence Healthcare

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Providence Healthcare has a reputation and legacy of compassionate care that is expressed and lived in our Mission and Values. Anyone who experiences this care will find that it is rooted in a spirit of community that touches the hearts and souls of all those who experience or encounter us.

Our Mission

Providence Healthcare, a Catholic healthcare organization, is inspired by the legacy of the Sisters of
St. Joseph of Toronto to be a welcoming community of compassion, hope and healing. We provide rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs.

Our Vision

We will extend our community of expert care beyond our walls. We will give the people we care for the knowledge and confidence to stay healthy and safe at home, for as long as possible.

Our Values

Sanctity of Life

Every life is a sacred gift that has meaning and value.

Human Dignity

Everyone has intrinsic value and is worthy of respect.

Compassionate Service

The needs of every person are attended to with thoughtfulness, understanding and sensitivity.


People of diverse backgrounds gather together with a shared purpose and support each other in hope and celebration.

Social Justice

Each person is treated in a fair and equitable manner, according to one’s needs.

Social Responsibility

Accountability is demonstrated by the prudent use of the resources given to us in trust.