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Providence Healthcare is a leader in providing rehabilitation, palliative care, long-term care and community programs in Toronto. We provide care in three areas:

Providence Hospital

In our Hospital, we help adults of all ages rehabilitate after strokes, orthopaedic surgery, lower limb amputations or other complex medical conditions generally associated with aging. More than 5,000 people benefit from our innovative approaches each year. Our Ambulatory Services and Clinics promote ongoing recovery, healthy living, and sustained well-being to people in the GTA and beyond.

Our Hospital also offers palliative care, helping people approaching the end of life by providing state-of-the-art care in a supportive environment. We offer seven-day/week patient admissions, as well as
short-term respite admissions for palliative patients who require inpatient care before returning home
to familiar surroundings to spend their final days.

Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence

Our long-term care home, the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence, is home for each of our 288 residents. With a focus on quality of life and the implementation of best practices, the Houses provide
the highest standards of comfort, care and safety for our residents.

Adult Day Program

In our Adult Day Program for people who live in the community with moderate to severe dementia,
we have the capacity to care for the most vulnerable clients, around the clock.

In addition, families and the general community have access to individual and group support, as well as education resources through our Scotiabank Learning Centre.

Integrated Health Network

On August 1, 2017, Providence Healthcare joined St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital to operate under one corporate entity. United, the three organizations serve patients, residents and clients across the full spectrum of care, spanning primary care, secondary community care, tertiary and quaternary care services to post-acute through rehabilitation, palliative care and long-term care, while investing in world-class research and education. For more information, visit