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A Grassroots Partnership with our Therapeutic Recreationists and a Local Bowling Alley

C4Centre Bowling is the passion project of Judy Begley and Tim O’Hara, who came out of retirement a few years ago to buy the business when they learned it was going to close.

The outside of the building looks unremarkable. However, a peek at the interior reveals wooden bowling pins and vintage bowling balls, paper scorecards and pencils to tabulate the score, “old fashioned” bowling shoes, classic trophies and posters. A menu sign above the snack bar made of interchangeable plastic letters is reminiscent of what you would see at a Kresge’s lunch counter decades ago.

It may appear time stands still at this bowling alley. But the new owners and “the regulars” are anything but idle.

Begley and O’Hara chose the name C4 – a term for an explosive – to reflect the impact they want their bowling alley to have on the local community. Indeed, their influence is being felt in many positive ways, including through a partnership with Providence.

The relationship began three years ago when Stephanie Ellis, one of our therapeutic recreationists in the Geriatric and Medical Rehab Program, inquired if the bowling alley was manageable by wheelchair. Indeed it is accessible and has special bowling ball ramps that enable people with limited strength or mobility to bowl from their wheelchair.

Trips to C4Centre Bowling are now part of the therapeutic program for our patients. And the relationship has grown further.

After the bowling alley’s community fundraised to buy a defibrillator for the building, the community raised money to buy three portable DVD players for patients and families to use in our palliative care unit, through efforts that included bringing in pennies, holding draws for Avon products donated by one of their customers, and donating 10 cents if you bring your own cup for coffee.

See the photo gallery below of our recreational therapists and our patients, some of whom are over 90 years of age, bowling through this special partnership.